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Background Screening
Let AWSI help your organization establish and manage a full-service drug testing program.
AWSI specializes in fast, accurate, and cost-effective pre-employment screening services and background verifications.
• Drug & Alcohol
• DOT Supervisor Training
• Background Screening & Safe Hiring
Over twelve percent of all job applicants have a criminal record and an astonishing seventy-five percent lie on their job applications.

AWSI specializes in fast, accurate, and cost-effective pre-employment screening services and background verifications.  AWSI helps companies make the best-informed hiring decisions and reduce costs incurred by negligent hires, internal theft, fraud or turnover. We help streamline the hiring process for employers using an integrated approach to search all available human resources and public records. AWSI's proprietary web-based, interactive reporting, and delivery system provides real-time access to reports and updates on the status of background checks online anytime, day or night.

AWSI Background Screening Services Provide:
  • Reliable searches processed quickly and accurately
  • The most accurate and current information available
  • Round-the-clock access to AWSI's interactive online database to check results and updates
  • Highlights and a summary of findings - more than just a data gathering and reporting service
  • Rigorous quality controls
  • Access to a full-time legal staff to ensure compliance with federal and state laws
  • Expert guidance in the area of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Web-based training materials for HR managers
AWSI's Employee Screening Program Features:
  • U.S. Scan – The most comprehensive instant criminal search of its kind with access to more than 330 million criminal records. The U.S. Scan database provides data from more sources covering criminal records, sex offender registries, national government and terrorist watch lists than any other single source, providing instant access to national records that might otherwise be missed. Unlike other national databases, new information is regularly added for expanded reach and is available up to 75 percent faster, providing the most updated resources possible.
    • Criminal Database Records Search - As the largest national criminal database in the country, U.S. Scan contains more than 300 million criminal records from sources including county court records, state repositories, Department of Corrections (DOC), and Administration of the Court (AOC).
    • National Sex Offender Search - State sex offender registries covering all 50 states plus Washington, DC including photos.
    • National Security Check - Access to more than 30 national and international security sources, 3.5 million photos, and a proprietary database of more than 3 million previously completed reports.
    • Social Security Number Validation - Inquiries are compaired against the Social Security Administration (SSA) format information index to determine the validity, year, and state of issuance. Inquiries are also reviewed using SSA’s Death Master Index to ensure it is not registered to a person listed as deceased.
    • Name and Address History - National database that includes information provided by the credit bureaus trace reports as well as hundreds of other sources. The report details all available names and addresses associated with the SSN. Additional criminal history searches can be conducted using this information. Name and Address History sources include utility companies, telecommunications carriers, public records, and magazine subscriptions, etc.
  • County Felony & Misdemeanor Search – Criminal court records search in specific identified counties for any individual felony and/or misdemeanor cases. Identified records include file number, file date, charge(s), level of offense, disposition and sentence.
  • Review by Legal Counsel – When criminal searches reveal a “hit” for criminal activity, the record is reviewed by AWSI legal counsel to ensure the record matches the identity of the individual. Legal counsel ensures that the records contain the most current information, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. AWSI’s unique search and review process provides protection for the applicant as well as the employer.
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