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Shared Services
Let AWSI help your organization establish and manage a full-service drug testing program.
AWSI specializes in fast, accurate, and cost-effective pre-employment screening services and background verifications.
• Drug & Alcohol
• DOT Supervisor Training
• Background Screening & Safe Hiring
AWSI Shared Services program saves employers time and money in the hiring process. This significantly lowers the overall cost per hire

As part of the AWSI Shared Services program, a team of experienced AWSI staff members manage much of the employee communication and tracking. Not only does this help to reduce the time-consuming paperwork that can overwhelm an employer’s HR staff, it also increases productivity by automating and tracking applicant interaction. The Shared Services process combines AWSI’s superior customer service with state-of-the-art technology to deliver a revolutionary employee screening and on-boarding solution. Utilizing its VIP portal, a proprietary web-based tracking system, AWSI can save employers time and money by eliminating some of the functions that would normally be completed by the employer’s HR staff.  These include: identification of drug and alcohol testing sites, direct contact with applicants, assistance throughout the process, review and signing of company required documentation, and tracking of test results.

Shared Services - An Innovative Process

As part of its commitment to provide employers with a comprehensive, efficient and value-added solution for applicant processing, AWSI offers its innovative Shared Services program to help automate and streamline the pre-employment screening process.

The AWSI Shared Services program is ideal for any employer who conducts pre-employment drug and alcohol screening and:

  • Employs an HR staff to hire regionally, nationally or worldwide
  • Has multiple drug testing requirements (e.g. company, DOT, client-mandated)
  • Requires reporting of test results to multiple HR locations or groups of people
  • Needs to track the status of an applicant in process in real-time
  • Tracks receipt of testing policies, acknowledgements, consent forms and other company documents
AWSI's Shared Services Team Directive
  • Engage the AWSI Shared Services Notification process to provide the applicant a copy of the company’s drug policy and receive their electronic acknowledgement of receipt

The employer’s HR Administrator retains control of the orders and can track applicants using an identifier such as an applicant ID, employee number, or social security number depending on their process. The program can also be further customized for clients that have multiple operating companies or centralized hiring at the corporate level. For clients with multiple DOT and customer testing requirements, AWSI can implement a question-driven system to determine the proper testing to be scheduled for the applicant.

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