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Let AWSI help your organization establish and manage a full-service drug testing program.
AWSI specializes in fast, accurate, and cost-effective pre-employment screening services and background verifications.
• Drug & Alcohol
• DOT Supervisor Training
• Background Screening & Safe Hiring

The AWSI training solution consists of two main components. The first is to provide all supervisors with training that ensures they have the tools necessary to react to and control a drug or alcohol crisis (observed use or sale of drugs or alcohol, erratic behavior, discovery of drug paraphernalia). The balance of the program, deals with how to apply the "Principles of Performance Management" to control drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the workplace. The program covers the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of possible substance abuse and alcohol misuse and what steps to take to deal with these issues. In addition to onsite training, AWSI provides a complete set of training materials to document behavior patterns, incidents, and poor performance issues. The package includes forms to assist in documentation.

The second element is to provide education for the client's employees. This educational material covers information on the common illegal and misused prescription drugs encountered in the workplace as well as the dangers of alcohol misuse. The material includes tests covering the basic issues related to drug abuse and alcohol misuse and the company policy. By utilizing these tests, the client can document that each employee not only received the educational material, but also demonstrated an understanding of the subject.

AWSI's supervisor training programs fully comply with all the DOT modalities' regulations that supervisory personnel receive training on the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable substance abuse in order to prevent an impaired person from starting or continuing safety sensitive work. This type of training is also invaluable to supervisors and managers for all company operations. Certificates of Completion are issued to each participant as proof that the required training has been completed.

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